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Parental Involvement in Education

A key part of student success is having parents and teachers work together to see that each child succeeds. It is important that teachers keep parents informed. These resources can help teachers as they get parents involved in their child's education.

Parent-Teacher Call Checklist
It is important to be prepared when you call a parent concerning their child's schoolwork or behavior. Here is a list of what you should do, gather, and have prepared before participating in a parent-teacher call.

Parent-Teacher Conferences
Many schools do not require yearly parent conferences after elementary school for all students. Therefore, when a secondary school educator meets with parents for a conference, it is typically because the student in question is struggling either academically, behaviorally, or both. This list is focused on helping teachers prepare themselves for...

How to Deal With an Angry Parent
This article provides nine effective strategies for dealing with an angry parent.

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