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Useful information for the educational administrator.
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What is a principal?
What is a principal? Read this article to find out about the duties, education, characteristics, and salaries of school principals.

Qualities of a Good Principal
These nine qualities are the key to being an effective school administrator.

American Association of School Administrators
A professional organization founded in 1865 for over 14,000 educational leaders. This site is rich with information including news and job openings.

What Is an Assistant Principal?
An assistant principal helps the principal run the school. Learn more about the responsibilities, pay, and qualities of effective assistant principals.

The Condition of Education, 1999
Annual report to Congress concerning the state of education. This site allows you to either download the report as a PDF file or to order it in paper form for free.

The Strategies of a Leader
Becoming a facilitative leader can be difficult. This article gives advice and strategies to help you on your way.

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