1. Education

2 D Art Lesson Plans

Lesson plans for 2-Dimensional art.

Ad Agency
Students create and present to the teacher (customer) an advertising campaign for a product that has been given to them.

Freeform Shape Shading Project
Middle school lesson teaching shading and value.

Hidden Collages
Middle or elementary take off on "Where's Waldo?" in which students make a collage containing a hidden figure.

Islamic Art/Eraser Prints
Study and create designs in a cooperative activity.

Mysterious Creatures
A fun project for middle schoolers, spun off from a picture of Duer's Rhinoceros. Scroll down to see this lesson.

Pastel Pointillism!
Students use oil pastels on paper to create landscapes using the pointillist style.

Pointillist Portraits
Students' photos are the basis for pointillist portraits in this middle school activity.

Texture Scavenger Hunt
Middle school students learn about texture as they create a booklet of rubbings from objects on their scavenger hunt list.

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