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3D Art Lesson Plans

Lesson plans for fine arts teachers specializing in three dimensional art.

Cave Painting" Art History
Chalk drawings on students' own rocks make this middle school activity a motivate students to learn about prehistoric art.

Masks and More Masks!
Three types of masks are used as a means of studying culture, encourage creativity and develop a sense of three dimensions.

Chinese Parade Lions or Dragons
Make miniature, colorful paper lions and dragons.

Meaningful Masks
Instructions for mask making written for middle school level.

Monster Transformation
Students may especially enjoy this mask activity that is half their own face and with the other half resembling a monster. interesting. Adaptable to older students relating to the monster within or Phantom of the Opera.

More than Masks
These masks are begun with face molds.

Stocking Sculptures or 3D on a budget
A stocking covers a coat hanger which is attached to base and coated to look like a heavy sculpture. Written for middle school level students.

Weaving Project
Inexpensive materials for this middle school project include dryer lint!

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