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Investigate effective assessment and test creation, delivery, and grading systems.
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Test Bias
Learn the definition of test bias.

Read the definition of reliability in terms of assessments.

Read the definition of the term validity in terms of assessments.

Norm-Referenced Test
Find out the definition of and information about norm-referenced tests.

What Is High Stakes Testing?
Learn about high stakes testing including arguments for and against its use.

Criterion-Referenced Test
Learn about criterion-Referenced tests with this glossary entry.

High Stakes Testing
To what lengths should we go to ensure better scores for high stakes testing? This article looks into this issue.

Learn about the importance of using pretests in your classroom.

Assessment Item Creation and Review
Use these tips to help create effective and reliable multiple choice test questions for tests and assessments. You will learn how to create effective stems and responses along with aids for overall test construction.

Making Daily Review a Priority
An important part of preparing students for assessments is review. Reviewing at the beginning and end of each class period greatly increses the retention rate of students helping them to score better on exams, quizzes, and other assessments.

Constructing a Bloom's Taxonomy Assessment
Create a test or quiz using Bloom's Taxonomy. This helps students not only learn Bloom's taxonomy but also helps teachers reach all the levels as you assess student learning.

Designing Performance Assessments
Performance-based learning and assessments can provide students with unique learning opportunities. The key to making them effective is in the assessments. This list looks at the key elements of designing effective performance assessments.

Ten Assesssment Definitions Every Teacher Should Know
Assessment is the testing or grading of students based on a given set of benchmarks or criteria. This article looks at ten key terms that every teacher should know when discussing assessments.

Test Taking Strategies
These test taking strategies and tips can help relieve some of the anxiety associated with tests.

Ideas for Performance-Based Activities
Here are a number of ways that you can give students rewarding performance based activities and assessments.

The Purpose of Tests
Take a close look at the reasons why teachers, schools, districts, and states give students tests.

Concerns About Homework
This list provides a look at many of the concerns that parents, students, and even teachers have about the use of homework in secondary classrooms.

Becoming a Test Prep Expert
Find out ways to help prepare students for high stakes testing in your state by becoming a test prep expert.

Methods to Assess Students
Teachers have many methods with which they can assess students. This list provides an overview of many of these methods.

Objective Test Taking Tips
Find great tips and strategies to help students be successful on objective tests.

Oral History Project About World War II
This sample oral history project shows how to create and use performance assessments.

Tips for Taking Multiple Choice Tests
These tips can help you understand the best way to approach multiple choice questions on a test.

Tips for Taking Matching Tests
These tips can help students do better when taking matching tests.

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