1. Education
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Banned Books and Education

Resources about banned books and education including lists of the most frequently banned books and more.

Top 10 Banned Books
Find out about the top 10 banned books in the United States.

Censorship and Book Banning in Schools
This feature article discusses recent instances of book banning including the ever popular Harry Potter series.

50 Most Frequently Banned Books
A list from Banned in the U.S.A by Herbert N. Foerstel (Greenwood Press, 1994).

Banned Books On-Line
Links to online texts and brief explanations of why various books have been banned.

Rethinking Schools -- Frequently Challenged Books
A list of challenged books and contact info for obtaining teacher created rationales for keeping various challenged books in the classroom or school library.

Internet Filtering: Beware the Cyber Censors
Don't miss this article comparing the use of blocking software to the banning of books from a library.

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