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Burnout: Strategies to Manage and Relieve Stress

Manage burnout and stress in education and beyond.
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Top Inspirational Movies for Educators
One way to relieve burnout is to celebrate being a teacher. Educators need to be reminded of the importance of their jobs. Here are ten movies that inspire us and make us feel proud to be in the field of education where we really do have an impact. Enjoy!

Give Your Career A Shot in the Arm
Here's a lengthy list of ideas to help you recover from repetition burnout on the job.

Dealing with End of the Year Stress
Positive ideas and encouragement to help you deal with all the stresses that accompany the last few weeks of school.

Curtis K's Waterfall Page
The author exhibits a great selection of waterfalls in thumbnail and large views.

Five Deadly Myths About Stress
Common beliefs about stress are refuted in what appears to be the cyber equivalent of a infomercial. I have not read the book, but since self talk has been accepted as a major determiner of one's sense of well being, it may be worth investigating.

"Mini" Relaxation Exercises
Breathing exercises you can do anywhere to combat burnout and stress.

Reality Check
These lists of questions should help you put problems in perspective.

Mini Relaxation Exercises
This site contains simple directions for breathing exercises which can be practiced throughout the day.

Stress Busters - Thoughts to reduce your work stress
A short article discussing the dangers of stress, stress-building beliefs, coping techniques and examples of how to change negative thoughts to positive thoughts in troublesome situations.

Stress Management
Scroll to the bottom of this page to see an excellent short list of tips for managing your stress.

Waterfalls! Waterfalls! Waterfalls
This site advertises eleven designs for indoor /outdoor portable waterfalls.

Techniques for Instant Calm
Ten simple ways to keep you calm during difficult moments are listed here.

What Are Some Ways to Master Stress?
Don't miss this physician's recommendations for how to overcome stress.

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