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Classroom Management Tools

Handy classroom management helpers for teachers will help you can find information to help you deal with late work, class rules, restroom use, make up work, extra credit, and much more.

Learn about cyberbullying and what teachers can do to help stop it.

Student Rewards
This article provides ideas and insight for student rewards.

Definition of Classroom Management
What is classroom management? Find out and learn strategies for effective classroom management.

Classroom Rules for Teachers
Classroom management begins with good basic rules. This article looks at a number of classroom rules that teachers can use as they create their own for students

Fire Drills
Fire drills happen a couple of times a year. Even though they are drills, they are very important because through practice your students will learn what to do and how to behave in an emergency. Ultimately, the responsibility for these lessons rests on your shoulders. So how do you prepare and lead during a fire drill? Following are some important steps and hints to help you be effective and remai…

Appropriate Consequences for Student Misbehavior
When students misbehave, consequences need to be appropriate and logical. This article takes a look at what types of consequences would be appropriate for different forms of student misbehavior.

Classroom Procedures
One of the main ways that teachers can create classrooms with a minimum of disruptions is by putting in effective classroom procedures. This article poses questions to teachers to help them create their own classroom procedures.

Creating a Tardy Policy
Dealing with tardy students is an important part of any teacher's job. Finding a tardy policy that works for you is extremely important. If you allow students to be tardy then you will be setting a precedent that will get worse throughout the year. Therefore, it is very important that you set up a workable system for dealing with tardies from the very beginning.

Late Work Policy for Teachers
Here is an example of the late work policy used in a tenth grade English class.

Late Work and Make Up Work Policies
One of the tasks that teachers often have difficulties with is dealing with late work and make up assignments This article provides resources, ideas, and tips for dealing with late work.

Characteristics of an Effective Classroom
This article looks at the characteristics of an effective classroom setting.

Efficient Use of Class Time
Efficiently using time is a great way to help classroom management in general. This article provides ideas for time management throughout a class lesson.

Creating a Positive Learning Environment
Learn about the forces that effect the classroom learning environment, and how you can help ensure that the student's have a positive experience.

Discipline in Schools
This lists highlights many ways that discipline in schools can be increased and enhanced leading to a greater chance that essential learning can occur.

Classroom Arrangement
Learn about classroom arrangement methods including where to place the teacher desk, student desks, and seating charts.

Ways Students Misbehave and What Teachers Can Do About It
Find out ways that students misbehave and what teachers can do to help stop student behavioral issues.

Methods to Deal With Tardy Students
Find ways to deal with tardy students from this comprehensive list of ideas.

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