1. Education

Critical Thinking Skills

Resources to help students develop their critical thinking skills.

Brain Teasers
Brain teasers are an excellent way to make students think critically while making full use of any extra time in class. Build students critical thinking skills with these brain teasers.

Bloom's Taxonomy in the Classroom
Helping students move into the upper levels of Bloom's Taxonomy can work their critical thinking muscles.

How to Create a Discussion Cube
Based on the progression of Bloom's Taxonomy, use this powerful tool as a discussion starter! Your students will enjoy the 'chance' involved.

Memory Joggers to Frame Your Lessons
Help your students as they listen to and participate in daily lessons with the use of memory joggers.

Helping Students Communicate in an Academic Environment
An important skill for students to learn is the difference in communication skills needed for an academic versus a social environment. This article explores these differences.

Teaching Kids to Make Better Decisions
Decision making is a learned skill that can help students find success in their later life. This article provides six steps that can lead to better decision making for yourself and your students.

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