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Curriculum is at the heart of education. Investigate secondary school curriculum with this wealth of information, resources, and lesson plans for each subject area across the curriculum.
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Curriculum Development
Creating curriculum plans are a key part of planning and development. Curriculum is not standardized throughout the nation or even thoughout each state. Further, from district to district the actual plan of study is often different for students. This article looks at the reasons for this lack of cohesiveness in creating a national curriculum and overarching plan of study. It then creates a sample plan of study...

English Curriculum Plan of Study
This plan of study provides a sample of four years of high school English curriculum.

Math Curriculum Plan of Study
This mathematics curriculum plan of study provides a sample look at four years of high school mathematics courses.

Science Curriculum Plan of Study
This sample plan of study follows science curriculum through the four years of high school.

Social Studies Curriculum Plan of Study
Here is a sample high school Social Studies plan of study. This plan of study shows a progression of courses through the standard four years of high school.

Integrating Curriculum
In order to help students see that each subject does not 'live in a vacuum', teachers must work to integrate their curriculum. These connections will lead to a greater understanding of the material in both classes.

Ways to Make Cross-Curricular Connections in Instruction
Cross-curricular integration is very important in helping students see the relevancy of what they are learning. This article looks at four methods of integrating curriculum.

State Versus National Standards
Standards are created to ensure that students from one classroom to another are taught the same basic information in a particular subject. The confusion comes in with periodic changes to standards along with the number of different standards available to a teacher for any one subject.

How to Teach Students to Preview Reading Assignments
Reading is a key part of classes throughout the curriculum. Previewing reading assignments can be a great strategy to help students build better reading comprehension skills.

Reasons for Homework
This list examines the good reasons why teachers should give homework to students.

How to Avoid Common Mistakes When Writing Learning Objectives
Find out about how to write learning objectives while avoiding common errors and mistakes.

How to Write Lesson Plans
Follow these great step-by-step tips to writing lesson plans.

Writing Excellent Lesson Objectives
An effective lesson plan begins with a well written objective. This article takes a look at how teachers can write excellent objectives for their lesson plans

Lesson Plan Template
Use this lesson plan template as you create your personal lesson plans.

Pros and Cons of Using Movies in Lesson Plans
The use of movies in lesson plans can sometimes be controversial. However, there are often good reasons to include movies in class. Here is a list of the pros and cons to using movies in the classroom along with advice to help teachers use movies effectively.

Movie Lesson Plan Ideas
Find great ideas to help you effectively include movies in your lesson plans across the curriculum.

Daily Review Tips and Techniques
Tips to help make daily review a central part of your classroom.

Daily Planning Tool for Teachers
Use this tool to help focus your daily classroom teaching and instruction tasks.

Issues with Textbooks
What issues are there surrounding textbook use? This article examines issues and concerns that are common when relying too heavily on textbooks in class.

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