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Information and resources to make educational reform measures more understandable.
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Year Round Education
One educational reform that is often discussed is year round education. This article looks at the pros and cons of year round education.

You Decide: Should Schools Implement Year Round Education?
Should school implement year round education? Do you think that year round education would have a positive effect, negative effect, or no real effect on student learning? Have you experienced year round education? If so, what thoughts can you share?

Tenure - Share Your Thoughts on Tenure
What are your thoughts on teacher tenure? Many states are doing away with it altogether. Is this a good or bad thing? Share your opinion.

Holding Those Responsible Accountable
Holding those responsible accountable: how groups outside the schools negatively impact student performance.

What is a Magnet School?
Learn about magnet schools including their origins with this overview.

Teaching for High Standards
A lengthy report of research findings and suggestions for reform. Scroll down to see a chart showing the US as having the lowest teacher to total staff ratio among eight countries reviewed.

Turning Around Low-Performing Schools
Executive Summary of the report from the US Secretary of Education.

Definition of Year Round Education
Read the definition of year round education.

Learn the definition of multi-tracking.

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