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Expository Prompts

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The following expository prompts were suggested by students when they were asked to write essay questions their academic teachers might ask them. These prompts are listed as examples with the understanding that yours will be far superior. The preponderance of three as in three ways, three benefits, three reasons, and three consequences is used to help immature writers practice the five paragraph essay.

Additional Prompts:
Expository Essay Topics

Business and Computer Science Expository Prompts

  1. Explain three benefits of knowing how to type.
  2. Explain three likely consequences of not knowing how to use a computer.
  3. Explain three reasons computers are becoming increasingly popular.
  4. Explain how one of your interests might eventually become part of your career plans.
  5. Explain three ways you can get the most from your money.
  6. Describe three basic skills and attitudes that are important on the job.
  7. Describe three ways computers have affected your life.
  8. Explain how you can learn more about today's job market.
  9. Describe a useful procedure for making decisions.

Fine Arts Essay Prompts

  1. Explain three ways art affects your daily life.
  2. Explain three reasons the study of art should be taken seriously.
  3. Describe three ways music affects your life.
  4. Name three stage positions and explain the importance of each.
  5. Explain three benefits of knowing how to draw.
  6. Explain the process of silk screening.
  7. Explain how knowing silk screening might benefit you.
  8. Describe how you felt when you finished the best project you ever did.
  9. Explain in detail how good posture affects vocal quality.

Foreign Languages Essay Prompts

  1. Explain three advantages of speaking a second language.
  2. Describe three customs of the _________.
  3. Describe three differences between the _____ and ______ languages.
  4. Describe a typical day in _________(the language you are studying).
  5. Describe a close friend in __________ (the language you are studying).

Leadership and ROTC Essay Prompts

  1. Convince a famous person to be a guest speaker in our class.
  2. Explain the proper way to march.
  3. Describe three benefits of a military career.
  4. Explain three benefits of being able to read a map.
  5. Describe three benefits of being in ROTC.
  6. Describe three benefits of setting goals.
  7. Describe the chain of command in the United States Army.
  8. Explain three benefits of volunteering for community service.
  9. Describe some of the characteristics of effective leaders.
  10. Describe three ways having a peer counselor can benefit you.

Math Essay Prompts

  1. Explain what happens when a negative number is divided by another negative number.
  2. Explain how you solve an inequality.
  3. Describe three benefits of knowing Algebra II.
  4. Describe three likely consequences of not learning mathematics.
  5. Describe the differences between relative and absolute numbers.
  6. Explain what is meant by a negative number.
  7. Explain the practical value of studying algebra.
  8. Describe three practical uses for fractions.
  9. Explain why math is easy (or hard) for you.
  10. Explain how doing math can be enjoyable.
  11. Explain the steps of a particular problem solving strategy.
  12. Describe three reasons using problem solving strategies is helpful.
  13. Explain how number theory relates to driving a car.
  14. Describe what math processes would be especially useful if you played the stock market.

Physical Education and Health Essay Prompts

  1. Explain three important rules of basketball.
  2. Describe three of the benefits of playing on the football team.
  3. Describe three benefits of being on the cheer leading squad.
  4. Explain the effects of aerobic exercise.
  5. Explain how weight lifting affects muscle tissue.
  6. Describe three benefits of exercise.
  7. Explain three possible consequences of lifting too much weight.
  8. Explain the steps used in administering CPR.
  9. Explain three likely consequences of not knowing the correct way to work out.

Practical Arts and Industrial Arts Essay Prompts

  1. Describe three possible consequences of not wearing eye protection in your wood shop class.
  2. Explain how the two-stroke engine works.
  3. Explain three safety rules that you will try to remember for the rest of your life.

Science Essay Prompts

  1. Explain the effects of El Nino.
  2. Explain what is meant by an ecosystem.
  3. Describe the steps of mitosis.
  4. Describe the structure of a cell.
  5. Explain why ATP is important to our energy level.
  6. Explain the scientific method.
  7. Explain scientific notation.
  8. Explain the difference between an atom and an ion.
  9. Explain what is meant by density.
  10. Describe three benefits of studying chemistry.
  11. Describe three ways chemistry relates to your life.
  12. Explain the make up of a lithium molecule and how to find its electro negativity.

Social Studies Essay Prompts

  1. Describe three important aspects of the Renaissance.
  2. Explain three of the reasons World War II began.
  3. Describe the Punic wars.
  4. Explain the changes that took place from the old stone age to the new stone age.
  5. Explain the likely impact of a civil war.
  6. Describe first amendment rights and restrictions.
  7. Describe the debate over the second amendment--the right to keep or bear arms.
  8. Explain to a recent immigrant what is meant by giving allegiance to your country and why you think it is (or is not) important.
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