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Persuasive Essay Topics

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Following are numerous persuasive essay topics for courses ranging from Band to Social Studies. They work well with high stakes assessments or just for interest building writing assignments in your class. Please note that only one prompt is listed under each academic area. Numbering here is intended to facilitate discussion of prompt steps but would not appear on the assessment test.

Chorus and Band

  1. During independent working time, your English teacher frequently plays soft, calming music which you would like to change.
  2. Decide what type background music you would like played during independent working time.
  3. Now write to convince your English teacher to play the kind of music you prefer as background for independent working time.


  1. Your parent or guardian has been given an opportunity to transfer to a job in Alaska. The transfer would neither help nor hurt his career, and all moving costs would be paid by the company.
  2. Think about how your family's lives would change if you were to move to Alaska.
  3. Now write to persuade your parent or guardian to take or to turn down the transfer to Alaska.


  1. Imagine you have a friend who is considering taking steroids in order to bulk up for a weight lifting competition.
  2. Think about the damage steroids do to the body and about the consequences of being caught with steroids.
  3. Now write to convince your friend not to take steroids.


  1. Imagine that you and your family have just come to this country, and that you are the only family member who speaks ________(the language of new country). Imagine also that your mother has decided it is unnecessary to learn to speak the language of your new country.
  2. Think about the benefits your mother would gain by learning to speak ________ (the language of your new country).
  3. Now write to persuade your mother to learn to speak ___________.


  1. Your best friend is getting behind in math because he fails to do his homework or he does it while watching TV and snacking.
  2. Think about the conditions necessary for intense concentration and learning.
  3. Now convince your friend that he could study more efficiently if he changed the way he does his homework.

Physical Science

  1. You have been studying global warming in your science class.
  2. Think about the likely consequences of global warming.
  3. Now write to convince your friend that global warming is an important issue.

Social Studies

  1. You have learned that active listening techniques can result in smoother relationships, but no matter how hard you try, you can't get your mother to listen to you.
  2. Think about times when you have felt your mother has not really listened to what you were saying.
  3. Now write to persuade your mother to listen to you actively.


  1. Imagine you have just been given the opportunity to take over a sandwich stand on a busy corner downtown. You see opportunities for building the business if you could get more people to come to the beach.
  2. Decide what your city could do to attract more people to the beach.
  3. Now write a letter to the editor of your local newspaper to convince your readers that the city should act upon your ideas.

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