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Persuasive Writing Prompts

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Persuasive Writing Prompts

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The following persuasive writing prompts were suggested by students when they were asked to write essay topics their academic teachers might ask them. They are included here to provide you with ideas of topics that can be used to include more writing in classes across the curriculum.

Business and Computer Science

  1. Persuade your friend to type an essay for you.
  2. Convince your mother that she should not be intimidated by computers.
  3. Persuade a friend to take a computer class.
  4. Convince a friend to join your band.
  5. Persuade the school board to fund Internet access for all classrooms.

Fine Arts

  1. Convince your teacher to let you star in the upcoming play.
  2. Persuade your art teacher to let you decide what kind of art project you will do.
  3. Persuade your parents to buy you an new _______ (musical instrument of your choice).
  4. Persuade your drama teacher to put on a school play.
  5. Persuade your music teacher to teach you a particular song.
  6. Convince a student in your drama class to study her lines more diligently.
  7. Persuade your art teacher to let you draw the way you feel most comfortable.


  1. Persuade your Hispanic friends to speak to you in Spanish so that you can practice.
  2. Persuade your classmates to speak ___________ in class.
  3. Persuade your mother to go to ______ (country) with your _____ class.
  4. Convince the dean not to do away with the ___________ club.
  5. Persuade your principal to provide funds for a field trip to ___________.

Leadership and ROTC

  1. Convince the Army to send your entire ROTC program to summer camp.
  2. Persuade the school board to sponsor field trips for your class.
  3. Persuade your friend to join an environmental club with you.
  4. Persuade your school to start a new environmental club.
  5. Persuade a recruiter to recommend you for officer training.
  6. Persuade a friend to become a volunteer hospital worker.


  1. Persuade your friend to stop relying on a calculator for simple calculations.
  2. Convince your friend that it is important to learn decimals.
  3. Persuade a classmate to use a certain method to solve a problem.
  4. Convince your friend that mathematics is interesting.
  5. Convince your math teacher to teach more graphing.
  6. Persuade your math teacher to set aside one day a month for math games.
  7. Persuade your friend to memorize the steps of a problem solving strategy. (Select one.)

Physical Education

  1. Persuade a friend who is playing poorly to get off the basketball court.
  2. Persuade your mother that playing sports will benefit you.
  3. Describe some of the jobs that involve swimming.
  4. Persuade your family to go to a jogging trail three times a week.
  5. Persuade to an anorexic friend that being thin will not make her happier.
  6. Convince your teacher that you are too sick to participate in sports for the day.

Practical and Industrial Arts

  1. Persuade a classmate to follow the safety rules in your industrial arts class.
  2. Persuade your classmates to follow guidelines for kitchen cleanliness.
  3. Persuade your industrial arts teacher to take you to a business related to your current project.

Science and Health

  1. Persuade a cell not to divide.
  2. Persuade your teacher to give more laboratory assignments.
  3. Persuade your friend to get into shape.
  4. Persuade your friend to eat a more healthy diet.
  5. Convince your friend to enroll in marine biology.
  6. Persuade a family member to help you with your chemistry homework.
  7. Convince a friend to memorize the periodic table.
  8. Convince a friend that the scientific method is important.
  9. Explain cellular respiration.
  10. Convince your principal that your class should have updated science textbooks.
  11. Persuade your aunt to go to a prenatal care center.
  12. Persuade your friend to become an organ donor.
  13. Explain the chemical formula for a binary element.
  14. Persuade your chemistry partner not to mix the formula.
  15. Persuade your biology teacher to allow your class to become a "Save What's Left" club.

Social Studies

  1. Persuade your classmates that studying World War I is important.
  2. Convince your classmates that studying history is important.
  3. Explain the importance of a free press.
  4. Persuade your teacher to show more videos about historical events.
  5. Persuade your friend to study the Renaissance.
  6. Pretend you are El Cid and convince Spain to do battle with the Moors.

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