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Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test

The Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test or FCAT is the statewide test used in Florida's public schools to determine student learning and progress. Its results are very important for schools and students alike. Following are resources concerning the FCAT.

Information About the FCAT for Educators
Learn about the FCAT with these many resources provided by the Florida Department of Education.

FCAT Sample Items
FCAT sample test items for grades 5 and 8.

FCAT Question and Answer Summary
Don't miss this page with answers to critical questions about the FCAT such as why it was created and what consequences will be associated test results.

FCAT Released Tests and Questions
Help your students prepare with the questions from these released FCAT tests.

Fair Test
"An advocacy organization working to end....flaws of standardized testing and ensure that evaluation of students... is fair, open, and educationally sound." This site includes state by state a survey of assessment practices.

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