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Gifted Education Resources

Great resources for teachers of gifted students.

Teaching Gifted Students
Take a look at the characteristics of gifted students and how these affect teaching and the classroom.

An argument in favor of 'developmentally appropriate curriculum'.

Analogy Anthology
Use these analogies to better understand what gifted children feel if their unique abilities are not recognized.

A Call for Understanding
This site is devoted to helping increase awareness of the problems that highly and profoundly gifted students face.

Center for Talented Youth
From Johns Hopkins University. CTY Talent Searches identify, assess, and recognize students with exceptional mathematical and/or verbal reasoning abilities.

Gifted Child Society's Teachers' Lounge
Find resources, conferences and discussions for teachers of the Gifted.

Glossary of Gifted Education
Large glossary of terms specific to gifted education.

The National Foundation for Gifted and Creative Children
Aimed at parents of gifted students, this site points out many problems that the gifted face in public schools.

Snappy Comebacks for Grade Accelerated Children
These could be given to students who need a little help in dealing with teasing, etc.

Stuck in Another Dimension
Written by a teacher, this article discusses dealing with an exceptionally gifted student in a system not meeeting his needs.

Summer Programs for Talented Youth
From Johns Hopkins University. Qualified students choose from a wide range of courses in the humanities, mathematics, and sciences held at sixteen sites in the United States.

Thirteen Days of Radical Acceleration
Written by a student placed into High School at age 8, this 'song' is a cute but accurate view at life in school for the accelerated student.

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