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Grading Systems

Information and grading systems to make grading easier.

Top Five Grading Systems
Learn about the pros and cons of each of the five major grading systems that teachers and schools use.

Grades and Grading Policies
What do grades really mean? What is their purpose? It is important as teachers that we examine our attitudes about grades and grading.

Holistic Grading
Learn about holistic grading and assessments.

Grade Contracts
Grade Contracts are contracts that teachers have students sign where they identify their target grade. Read more about these teacher tools and find out whether they are right for you and your classroom situation.

Extra Credit Strategies
What is the best use of extra credit? How do some teachers misuse it? What strategies can you use to make it work for you and your students? This articles looks at strategies for using extra credit along with things to avoid when giving extra credit.

Tips to Cut Grading Time for Writing Assignments
It can be very time consuming to grade writing assignments. Use these nine tips to help cut grading time for essays and writing assignments.

Make Your Life Easier with Rubrics
Make grading complicated assignments easy. Read this article to a find reasons, step-by-step instructions and great examples.

ThinkWave Education Software for Teachers
Don't miss this free gradebook program which allows you to send grade reports by email.

Assigning Letter Grades
Learn about different methods that teachers use as they assign letter grades to raw assessment scores.

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