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Guidance Resources

A great collection of guidance resources for school guidance counselors.
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What Is a Guidance Counselor?
What Is a School Psychologist? Find out about the typical duties, salaries, and education required of this profession.

What is a School Psychologist?
Learn about the responsibilities of school psychologists along with information about required education and certification and average pay.

Goals and Resolution Setting
Setting realistic goals, writing them and maintaining momentum is the topic of this series of articles from your About guide.

Counseling Students on a Military Career - Pros and Cons for Students
This article looks at the pros and cons of a military career. It is meant to help individuals counseling students on a military career.

Counselor's Corner
Articles written by guidance counselor, Cliff Cole, about being a Guidance Counselor.

American School Counselors Association
This national organization represents school counselors. Find professional development, enhancements for programs and research.

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