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Halloween Analogy Questions

Analogies With a Halloween Theme


Incorporating Halloween into your lessons can help make them more fun and interesting for students. This Halloween themed worksheet provide students with practice answering analogy questions. Since these questions are often included on standardized tests, slipping these in at the beginning or end of a class period can help students prepare while hopefully keeping their interest.

Halloween Analogy Worksheet

Directions: Select the best answer for each of the following analogy questions.

  1. Witch is to broom as man is to:
    a. house
    b. car
    c. job
    d. wallet

  2. Ghost is to chains as musician is to:
    a. song
    b. concert
    c. musical instrument
    d. fans

  3. Carving knife is to pumpkin as oven is to:
    a. pizza
    b. ice cubes
    c. house
    d. person

  4. Decorations is to house as __________ is to person.
    a. telephone
    b. child
    c. car
    d. jewelry

  5. Werewolf is to howl as automobile is to:
    a. paint
    b. horn
    c. tires
    d. key

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Happy Halloween!

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