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American History Resources

These excellent resources can help social studies teachers create effective and interesting lessons.
  1. American Revolution (31)
  2. Civil War (21)
  3. Great Depression (0)

John Smith - Colonial Leader
This profile presents key points from John Smith's life, created through the use of a biographical framework.

Robber Barons of the Late 19th Century
An easy way to compare and contrast individuals or other items is to use a framework. Here's a compare/contrast framework example using 19th century Robber Barons.

Oral History Project About World War II
This is a great oral history project that you can use with students where they interview individuals about their remembrances of World War II or any war with US involvement.

Abridged History of the United States
An Internet text book which includes occasional hotlinks to related material.

American Memory
Forty-one digital historical Collections for the National Digital Library, Library of Congress.

The History Place
Established in 1996, the wealth of information about American History provided on this page has to be seen to be believed.

Pocahontas (Matoaka or Lady Rebecca) - Native American Princess
Read about Pocahontas with this biographical sketch.

Alexander Hamilton - American Statesman
Learn about the life of Alexander Hamilton with the information here gathered using the biographical framework.

Create a Compare Contrast Framework
Creating a compare contrast framework using the robber barons as an example.

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