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American Revolution: Documents

Documents related to the American Colonies' battle for Independence during and after the American Revolution.

Treaty of Paris - End of the Revolutionary War
Read the text of the Treaty of Paris that ended the Revolutionary War.

The American Crisis
Thomas Paine's series of pamphlets that inspired greater patriotism throughout the American Revolution.

Articles of Confederation
Read the basis for the first official government in America after the War for Independence.

Common Sense
Read Thomas Paine's influential pamphlet.

Declaration of Independence - Original Copy
Here is a photograph of the original document. Unfortunately, it is severly faded.

Declaration of Independence - Text
Read the text of the Declaration of Independence.

Declarations and Resolves of the First Continental Congress
Written October 14, 1774. This document is the jumping off point for the colonists' grievances.

Lee's Resolutions
Richard Henry Lee officially called for a Declaration of Independence on June 7, 1776.

Patrick Henry's 'Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death' Speech
Read Patrick Henry's inspiring speech here. Could be used as the basis of a speechwriting lesson.

Treaty of Paris, 1783
Find the treaty that ended the American Revolution along with supporting documents.

United States Constitution
The basis of our government. Here is the document written in 1787.

Virginia Declaration of Rights
Written on June 12, 1776 by George Mason, this Declaration sets forth representative and limited government.

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