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Civil War Photographs Menu


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Abraham Lincoln
Images of Lincoln with his commanding officers. Also find pictures from the assassination to the execution of the conspirators.

Here are photographs of African-Americans at the time of the Civil War.

Government Officials
Portraits of government officials from the both the Confederate and Federal governments.

Military Personnel
Find all the famous ones from Ulysses S. Grant to George Armstrong Custer to Robert E. Lee. Also see pictures of individual soldiers engaged in routine activities.

Casualties of War
War can be horrible even in black and white. Give your students a realistic vision of the realities of combat. Some of these pictures are fairly graphic, depicting the dead of both sides.

Theaters of War
General views of famous battle sites along with many of the Southern cities devastated in the war. See Atlanta after Sherman's visit along with Richmond, the capital of the confederacy.

Weapons and Ships of War
Guns, cannons, canister and solid shot. These devastating weapons wreaked havoc on both the North and the South. Find these depicted along with ships of war.

Miscellaneous Photographs
Everything from locomotives to portraits of Matthew Brady to the parade celebrating the end of the war are located here.

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