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Definition: An Individual Education Plan is a plan that describes or lays out necessary modifications for a student that will better enable him or her to learn. If a student is determined to have an issue with learning; the school, teacher, and/or parents can call for an evaluation of the child. If formal evaluation determines that a student is having diffulty in learning because of some type of disability then a school system's IEP process would be put into motion. An IEP is required for any student determined to have a disability. The IEP is a legal document that a school must follow to meet the needs of a child. Unfortunately, an IEP can become a point of friction between parents and schools. Because a school is bound by law to follow the document they might want the least number of modifications possible so they are sure they can meet the strictures of the agreement. However, a parent may be inclined to want as much assistance as possible because of the desire to want to help their child. This situation is best resolved through open diaglogue with a careful examination of what is best for the child. All reasonable accomodations should be made for a child with the mindset that the goal is to allow the student with the disability to reach their maximum potential.
Also Known As: Individual Education Program
We are going to meet this week to create an Individual Education Plan for a student.
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