1. Education

Issues in Education

Top issues that affect education today.
  1. Cheating (8)
  2. Rural Schools (4)
  3. Standards (1)
  4. Busing (1)
  5. Character Education (3)
  6. School Violence (8)
  7. Social Promotion (1)
  8. Safety for Homosexuals (4)
  9. School Uniforms (3)

Individuals and Groups Involved in Education Today
Teaching involves much more than the interaction between teachers and students. What individuals and groups are involved in education today? This list takes a look at each of them.

What is Tenure?
Learn all about teacher tenure with this glossary definition from About.com.

What Teachers Would Cut to Alleviate School District Budget Issues
Share your thoughts on what budget cuts should be made in schools.

Example Teacher Planning Periods
Here is a week of typical planning periods culled from an actual teacher's routine schedule. It is useful to see why this time is necessary and also why teachers end up taking a lot of their work home.

Budget Cuts and Teacher Planning Time
Some school districts have proposed reducing teacher planning time in an effort to fit more classes in the schedule and help with budgetary concerns. However, this is a big mistake. This article looks at the importance of teacher planning time.

Education Quotes
Read these quotes about education and learning.

Parents and Education
Parents and help or hinder their child's education. Learn the role of parents in their child's education.

The Responsibilities of Teachers
What responsibilities do teachers have? Is it right that teachers are expected to be good role models both professionally and privately? This article looks at the responsibilities that teachers have in and out of the classroom.

And Still We Reise
"And Still We Rise" is a book which follows gifted Advanced Placement students in South-Central Los Angeles through their Senior year. It is an awesome work of reporting that lends understanding to those students who strive to make their ways out of the tough neighborhoods through education.

How Budget Cuts Affect Teachers
Teachers feel the brunt of educational budget cuts in many ways. In a field where in good times about 20% of teachers leave the profession in the first three years, budget cuts mean less incentive for educators to continue teaching. Following are ten ways that budget cuts harm teachers and accordingly their students.

Helping the Students Affected by Hurricane Katrina
Learn how Texas is helping the students affected by Hurricane Katrina and also what other educators can do to help.

Learning Community
Read all about learning communities including an in depth discussion of how to make the effective and the benefits gained from well designed small learning communities.

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