1. Education

Educational Issues


Sometimes it seems that teachers have to deal with much more than humanly possible. Not only do they have to teach and try to meet the needs of so many different students, but they are also expected to keep up with the latest educational reforms. The truth is that many educational issues face teachers each and every day. This section focuses on the major educational issues that face teachers and administrators today.
  1. Block Schedules and Year Round Education
  2. Bullying and School Violence
  3. High Stakes Testing
  4. Censorship and Book Banning

Block Schedules and Year Round Education

Block schedules and year round education are two ways that educational decision makers have attempted to increase the effectiveness of education. Learn more about each of these two important educational issues and methods for educators to deal with these educational reforms.

Bullying and School Violence

Bullying and school violence are problems facing teachers and students each day. Learn more about each of these and how we as educators and parents can combat them.

High Stakes Testing

High stakes testing is used across the nation to help determine numerous things including how a school is judged, whether students will be advanced, and whether they will get to graduate with a regular diploma.

Censorship and Book Banning

Censorship and banned books has long been a subject of controversy in schools. Everything from Huckleberry Finn to Harry Potter has been the subject of censorship in middle and high schools around the nation. The important questions that need to be answered include what needs to be censored, for what reason, and in the end who decides.

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