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Language Arts

Explore these excellent resources for language arts teachers.
  1. Language Arts Lesson Plans
  2. Banned Books (6)
  3. Black Authors (5)
  4. Poetry (3)
  5. Speech and Debate (47)
  6. Effective Writing (48)
  7. Mythology (3)
  8. Novels and Short Stories (128)
  9. Reading Lists (4)
  10. Shakespeare Work (19)
  11. Metaphors and Similes (7)

Common Core English Language Arts Standards
Learn about the English Language Arts Standards that are part of Common Core.

Top 10 Concerns of Language Arts Teachers
While all curriculum areas share some of the same issues and concerns, individual curriculum areas seem to also have concerns specific to them and their courses. This list looks at the top ten concerns for language arts teachers.

English I Course Outline
Here is a course outline for English I. It includes major topics of study along with links and further information to help teachers of English.

Cloze Tests to Determine Reading Comprehension
Cloze tests are quite effective at determine difficulties in reading comprehension. Learn more about the Cloze procedure with this article.

Reading Comprehension Strategies
These 10 effective strategies can be quite helpful when helping students improve their reading comprehension.

English Curriculum Plan of Study
This example English curriculum plan of study provides an overview of four years of high school English courses.

Top 10 Novels for American Literature Classes
Learn about the main American Literature novels that Language Arts teachers use around the country.

Novels Teachers Use in Their American Literature Curriculum
What novels do you use when you are teaching American Literature? Share your novels with fellow teachers.

4 Ways to Help Students Figure Out the Meanings of Words
Teachers can help students increase their reading comprehension through these four vocabulary building strategies.

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