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English I Course Outline

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English I Course Outline

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English I is a comprehensive course that covers numerous foundational topics. Following is an outline of topics that are typically covered in an English I course with links to additional materials and information.

Grammar and Mechanics



  • The focus of English I is to greatly increase the vocabulary of the students in terms of understanding and use in the context of the literature that is read during the course.
  • Some time should also be spent on prefixes, suffixes, and context as aids to learning new vocabulary.
  • Analogies should be taught throughout the course.


Writing Skills

  • Pre-writing Skills
    • Graphic Organizers
  • Reflective Essays
  • Persuasive Essays
  • Compare-Contrast Essays
  • Literary Analysis
  • Research Papers
    • Library Skills
    • Reference Book Skills
  • Creative Writing
  • Letter Writing
  • Using MLA Format for Papers




Speeches and Presentations

  • Public Speaking Skills
  • Persuasive Speeches

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