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Learning Styles for Teachers

Help students with all learning styles in your classroom.
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Learning Styles
This article takes a look at the different learning styles that help teachers find ways to use learning styles to increase their effectiveness in the classroom.

Kinesthetic Learners
Kinesthetic learners are those who learn best by doing. This profile can help teachers and students see the strengths of kinesthetic learners and provide them with strategies to help them learn most effectively.

Auditory Learners
Learn about auditory learners and strategies of how best to teach to auditory learners.

Visual Learners
Visual learners are those who learn best through sight and visual elements This profile looks at visual learners and provides strategies to help meet their learning needs.

How Your Learning Style Affects Your Use of Mnemonics
Suggests mnemonics be adjusted for learning style, but provides no examples of visual being adapted to auditory or kinesthetic preferences.

General-Purpose Learning Strategies
A grid linking to sixteen general learning strategies.

Varying Assignments to Enhance Student Learning Styles
Varying assignments is a great way to give students the ability to demonstrate their learning in their dominant learning style.

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