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Learning Theories and Pedagogy

Find inspiration and insight for teaching your students through learning theories and pedagogy.
  1. Brain Research (5)
  2. Learning Styles for Teachers (17)
  3. Theory of Multiple Intelligences (11)
  4. Personality Types (4)

Multiple Intelligences
Howard Gardner proposed the idea that intelligence as measured by the traditional IQ tests is just a small part of the many intelligences that exist. Learn more about his theory with this article on multiple intelligences.

Gagne's Nine Events of Instruction
Robert Gagne created a list of Nine Events of Instruction to help guide teachers as they create and present material. Learn more about the Nine Events of Instruction and how to use them in your classroom.

Textbook Reading Strategies
Help your students succeed in the use of their textbooks within your class by direct instruction of these textbook reading strategies.

Stages of Cognitive Development
Jean Piaget's stages of cognitive development show how a child's cognitive processes change over time. This article looks at how these stages affect education and learning.

The IB Program
What is the IB Program? Learn about its history, pedagogical beliefs, and programs offered.

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