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Lesson plans for topics throughout the curriculum.
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Create a Lesson Plan Calendar
An effective planning tool for lessons throughout the year is a lesson plan calendar. This how to will go through the steps of creating a lesson plan calendar which you can refer to as you plans units and individual lessons throughout the year.

Whole Group Discussion Pros and Cons
Find out the pros and cons of using whole group discussion as a form of lesson delivery in the classroom.

Lecture Pros and Cons
Lectures are one way that teachers deliver instruction to teachers. This article looks at the pros and cons of using lectures in class.

How to Write Lesson Plans
Use these step-by-step instructions to help write effective lesson plans.

Lesson Plan Template
This lesson plan template can provide an effective framework for creating your lesson plans.

Lesson Plan Search
Many lesson plans can be found here categorized by grade level and subject. Check it out!

Gateway to 21st Century Skills
Lesson plans to connect lessons to the important 21st Century Skills.

Teach with Movies
Not just simple lesson plans, this site offers teachers the ability to involve in their children's curriculum through movies. The teaching guides are available for purchase.

Microsoft Lesson Plans for Students and Educators
Microsoft has provided lesson plans throughout the curriculum that cover grades K-12.

Graphing Assignment
Use this graphing worksheet to check on how well students can create line, bar, circle, and pictographs.

Find an extensive listing of user submitted lesson plans for all levels of teaching.

Mini-Lessons to Upgrade Downtime
These mini-lessons can help you fill an extra few minutes in class at times when your lesson is shorter than you thought it would be.

Holding Debates in Middle School Classes
Debates can be a great addition to middle school classes. Learn about the benefits and challenges for incorporating them into your classroom.

Middle School Debate Topics
Use these debate topics to include debates in your middle school classes.

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