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Outline to Create Effective Lesson Plans


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Following is a lesson plan template that you can use as a guide to creating your own lesson plans. Use this in conjunction with the guide, How to Write Lesson Plans.

Class: Note which class or classes this lesson is intended for.

Duration: Note the approximate time that this lesson will take.

Materials Required: List any handouts and technology equipment that is required. Make a note of when you reserved any media equipment. In addition, you should attach a copy of each required handout to the back of the lesson plan template.

Key Vocabulary: Write a list of any new and unique terms that students need to understand for this lesson.

Description: Write a brief overview of the lesson here.

Objectives: Include a list of all the lesson objectives. These must define what you expect students to learn and give an indication of how that learning will be assessed.

Standards Met: List any state and/or national standards that the lesson addresses.

ESL Modifications: List any ESL modifications as required based on the students in your class.

Lesson Introduction: This portion of the lesson should give a rationale and help students make connections with the rest of the unit that is being taught.

Step-by-Step Procedure: As the name implies, write down the steps that you plan to take to teach the lesson. This is your chance to think through each action that you will need to take. You should also note down any materials you will need for each step so that you can have those prepared.

Review: Highlight terms and ideas you want to review with the students at the end of the lesson.

Homework/Assessment: Note any in class assessments and/or homework that you will be assigning to students to go with the lesson.

Evaluation: Detail how you plan to evaluate student learning. If you plan on assessing student learning at a later time like an end-of-the-unit exam, then create the assessment questions that will be included at this time. This will ensure that you have covered all required material and given your students the best chance at success.

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