1. Education

Science Lesson Plans

Find outstanding lesson plans for science courses.

Science Careers Project Assignment
With this project, students in science classes can learn about five different science careers.

Academy Curricular Exchange Science (6-8)
Sixty plans here titled for easy selection.

Biology lesson plans from About.com Biology site.

Coal Education Lesson Plans - Middle School Level
A nice variety of lesson activities related to coal.

Coal Education Lesson Plans - Secondary School Level
A rich resource of plans and information related to coal.

The Exploratorium Science Snacks
Don't miss museum bank of fascinating hands-on science activities designed to take one period to complete.

Kodak Lesson Plans
A wealth of science plans each include aspects of photography to increase motivation and learning.

Teachers in Geosciences
This Master's Degree program is for K-12 teachers and is offered entirely over the internet. It covers courses ranging from weather and geology to planetary and environmental science.

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