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Social Studies Lesson Plans

Excellent lesson plans for the social studies teacher.

Using Historical Photographs in Teaching
Historical photographs, such as those from the Civil War, are awesome tools for bringing education alive for students. Find pointers for using these primary sources to their fullest potential.

Editorial Cartoon Quest Worksheet
An editorial cartoon quest worksheet to help your students identify cartoons of a certain type.

Analyzing Editorial Cartoons Worksheet
cartoons editorials cartoons analyzing worksheet

How to Create a Compare/Contrast Framework
Step-by-step instructions to help students compare and contrast multiple topics, people and events. The provided example compares 19th Century American Robber Barons.

How to Hold a Mock Presidential Campaign
Simple step-by-step guide to help students understand many aspects of a presidential campaign.

How to Teach Latitude and Longitude
Easy step-by-step guide to teach the concepts of latitude and longitude.

How to Teach the Law of Diminishing Marginal Utility
This step-by-step guide helps economics teachers relate utility to student's lives.

Lecture Outline: China
This extensive outline provided by your guide covers the history of China from the Shang Dynasty (c. 1700 B.C.) to the People's Republic of China.

The Back-in-Time Survey
Melissa Snell, About.com Guide for Medieval and Renaissance History, asks students to select a historical figure they'd like to meet on a fantasy trip into the past.

Japan: Images of a People
A background essay and three lesson plans about the Japanese people.

Kodak Lesson Plans: History
Two lesson plans here combine elements of writing and photography to improve motivation and learning.

Kodak Lesson Plans: Social Studies
Approximately twelve lesson plans here combine elements of writing and photography to improve motivation and learning.

Winning the Vote: How Americans Elect Their President
A brief introduction including hyperlinks and three lessons about the presidency and how a candidate becomes president. Don't miss the graphic on the front page.

American Government Lesson Plans
Share your favorite American Government Lesson Plan

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