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Analyzing Editorial Cartoons Worksheet

Analyzing Editorial Cartoons


Source (URL, Newspaper, or Other) _____________________________
(Get starded on the Internet at http://7-12educators.about.com/cs/edcartoons/index.htm)

Date of access (if URL) or Date of publication (all others)__________________________

Cartoonists Name (or Initials if that's all you can find) ________________________

Subject of the Cartoon ____________________________________________________

1. Brief Summary of the Issue Depicted (30 to 100 words) Note the source of this information.

2. Describe the setting in the cartoon.

3. Describe the symbolism in the cartoon.

4. Discuss your interpretation of the cartoon. What do you think the author is trying to say. Be sure to discuss puns, parady, irony and hyprocacy as appropriate.

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