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Information and resources for mathematics teachers.
  1. Math Lesson Plans
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  3. Calculus (5)
  4. Consumer Math (3)
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  6. Trigonometry (4)

Top Concerns of Math Teachers
What are your top concerns as a math teacher? Do you have any concerns not listed in the top 10 concerns of math teachers? Share your thoughts here.

Top 10 Concerns of Math Teachers
While all curriculum areas share some of the same issues and concerns, individual curriculum areas seem to also have concerns specific to them and their courses. This list looks at the top ten concerns for math teachers.

Math Curriculum Plan of Study
This article provides an example of a high school mathematics plan of study.

Tips for Holding a Math Fair
This two part article gives tips for holding math fairs and provides great ideas for projects.

Hands on Bridge Building
Teams compete to build the best build bridge with cheap materials such as spaghetti or Popsicle sticks. The page includes related vocabulary, teacher instructions and links to photos and information about real bridges.

As they say here: 'The World of Math Online'. Has information for students, teachers, parents, and everyone.

Mu Alpha Theta
Math Honor Society that is involved in organizing competitions for students. Find information about how to start up your own chapter along with upcoming events.

Problems of the Week
The Math Forum provides a problem each week in the following areas: Elementary, Middle School, Geometry, Algebra, Discrete Math, and Trig/Calculus.

Stanford Math Camp
The ideal vacation for students who do math for fun.

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