1. Education

Motivating Students to Learn

Great techniques to help educators motivate students to learn.

What To Do When Students Lack Interest
What can you do when your students are uninterested and unmotivated? These ten ideas can help.

Writing Great Specific Goals
Here is an easy to-use goal worksheet.

Fostering Student Achievement
This article looks at how to move beyond simply assigning 'work' to students and instead get them involved in achieving true learning objectives.

10 Ways Teachers Can Communicate Expectations to Students
High expectations can be quite motivational when expressed and reinforced properly. This article looks at ten ways to communicate these expectations to your students.

The Joys - and Pains - of Teaching Seniors
There is a certain attitude in high schools that Senior teachers often get off easy. However, it is not always easy to teacher kids who have chronic Senioritis - sometimes from day one. Read more to find out and to learn ways to deal with the special issues surrounding teaching (and motivating) Seniors.

Top Motivational Books for Educators
Educators are in the motivation business. We motivate our students to learn each and every day. However, sometimes educators need to conquer their own fears in order to achieve at a higher level. These books all are excellent sources of motivation.

The Art and Craft of Motivating Students
The educational equivalent to "location, location, location," is "motivation, motivation, motivation," for motivation is probably the most significant factor educators can target in order to improve learning.

Goals and Resolutions
One of the keys of motivation is to make achievable goals. This article with accompanying worksheets provide excellent resources for teachers and students.

Awesome Power of Goal Setting
About Guide for Human Resources Susan M. Heathfield provides 'ten tips for triumph'. Don't let your dreams go unfulfilled. Practice effective goal setting today.

Eight Things Teachers Can do to Create Successful Students
Teachers who implement these eight things can truly help their students grow and succeed.

Ten Ways to Motivate Students
These ten ideas can help you motivate students to want to learn.

Integrating Curriculum
When teachers work to integrate curriculum, they will find that they will spark the interest of gain a greater understanding by seeing the connections. This in turn leads to greater student motivation to learn and succeed.

10 Ways to Make Education Relevant
Keeping education relevant to student life is one of the keys to helping them achieve great results in your classroom. These ten tips can help make your lessons more relevant to them and their lives.

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