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Top 8 Motivational Books for Educators


Educators are in the motivation business. We motivate our students to learn each and every day. However, sometimes educators need to conquer their own fears in order to achieve at a higher level. The following books all are excellent sources of motivation. Remember, motivation comes from within but these books can help uncover the factors that are holding you back.

1. Perpetual Motivation

Dave Durand explains how to achieve the highest level of motivation and become what he calls a "Legacy Achiever" in this excellent book. He write in an easy-to-understand style that provides much more than a typical self-help book. It truly uncovers the foundation of motivation and empowers readers to achieve at the highest level possible.
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2. Zapp! in Education

This is definitely an important read for educators everywhere. It explains the importance of empowering teachers and students. Make sure to pick up this easy-to-read volume, and make a difference in your school today.
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3. How to Be Like Mike

Michael Jordan is considered a hero by many. Now Pat Williams has written a book about the 11 essential characteristics that make Jordan succeed. Read a review of this awesome motivational book.

4. Learned Optimism

Optimism is a choice! Pessimists let life happen to them and often feel helpless in the face of defeat. On the other hand, optimists see setbacks as challenges. Psychologists Martin Seligman sheds light on why optimists are the ones who succeed in life and provides real-world advice and worksheets to help you become an optimist.
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5. Love the Work You're With

This book's subtitle truly says it all: "Find the Job You Always Wanted Without Leaving the One You Have." Author Richard C. Whiteley shows that your attitude is what truly helps you become happy with your job. Learn to change your attitude and change you life.
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6. Reject Me - I Love It!

One of the main items that holds us back and drains us of all motivation is the fear of failure - the fear the rejection. This book by John Fuhrman details "21 Secrets for Turning Rejection into Direction." This book is an important read for teachers and students alike.
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7. Attitude is Everything

As educators we know that the students who have positive attitudes are the ones who succeed. All of us need 'attitude adjustments' at different points in our lives. This book gives 10 steps to lead you to a 'can do' attitude that will allow you to achieve more than you imagine possible.
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8. Why You Can't Be Anything You Want to Be

How many times have we told students they can be 'anything they want'? This book by Arthur Miller and William Hendricks takes a new look at this concept and argues that instead of trying to fit a square peg in a round hole, we should find what truly fires our imagination and pursue it.
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