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Profile of Existential Intelligence


Profile of Existential Intelligence

Existential Intelligence

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Existential Intelligence Definition:

Existential intelligence is one of Howard Gardner's Nine Multiple Intelligences. It involves an individual's ability to use collective values and intuition to understand others and the world around them. Individuals who excel in this intelligence typically are able to see the big picture. Philosophers, theologians, and life coaches are among those that Howard Gardner sees as having high existential intelligence.

Individuals Who Typically Have High Existential Intelligence:

Following are examples of individuals who typically have high existential intelligence:
  • Philosophers
  • Theologians
  • Life Coaches
  • Cosmologists

Famous People Who Have High Existential Intelligence:

  • Socrates
  • Buddha
  • Jesus Christ
  • Wayne Dyer
  • St. Augustine

Traits of Those Who Have High Existential Intelligence:

  • Sees the big picture
  • Interested in questions about life, death, and beyond
  • Able to look beyond the senses to explain phenomena
  • Likes to Be Outside
  • Strong interest in society and those around them

Ways to Enhance Existential Intelligence:

Following are ways that teachers and individuals can enhance and strengthen their current existential intelligence:
  • Make connections between what is being learned and the world outside the classroom
  • Provide students with overviews in order to support their desire to see the big picture
  • Have students look at a topic from different points of view
  • Have students summarize the information learned in a lesson
  • Have students create lessons to teach their classmates information

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