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National Board Certification


Basic Steps for National Board Certification:

National Board Certification consists of two parts:

  1. Teaching Portfolio
    Teachers typically videotape their teaching, gather student learning products, and analyze their teaching practices.
  2. Assessment.
    Teachers answer questions that relate to content specific to their fields. The assessments focus on breadth of content knowledge.
Teachers must earn 275 points as determined by the National Board. National Board Certification is issued for a period of 10 years and can then be renewed.

Special Programs for National Board Certification:

A variety of scholarships are available for completing National Board Certification. The application fee is $500 and is nonrefundable. The assessment fee is $2,500

Further, many states pay for part or all of this fee if you pass the national board certification.

Benefits of National Board Certification:

Other than the status that comes gaining National Board Certification, many states provide additional monetary incentives. For example, Alabama gives a $5000 annual increase, Florida provides a 10% annual increase to income, and Delaware provides a 12% increase for National Board Certification. To find the incentives for each state, check out this document from NBPTS.

Additional Information for National Board Certification:

If you want to find out more about National Board Certification or learn more about mentoring and scholarships, visit the NBPTS website.

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