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Political Science information and resources for the social studies teacher.

American Government Course Outline
This outline shows what topics are covered in a typical American Government course.

25 Essay Topics for American Government Classes
These 25 essay topics can be used for writing assignments in American Government and Civics courses.

All About the Electoral College
Want to help your students learn all about the electoral college? This comprehensive FAQ section will answer their and your questions about this sometimes confusing part of the presidential election process.

How to Hold a Class Debate
Debating current events is a wonderful way to not only inform students but also to get them involved.

How to Hold a Mock Presidential Campaign and Election
Especially in an election year, this resource is an awesome tool. Students do not realize it, but they are pitting real candidates against each other.

Picking and Choosing Rights from the Constitution
Use this lesson plan suitable for grades 6-12 to teach about the importance of all of the rights in the Constitution.

How many electoral votes does a candidate need to win?
Presidential candidates require a specific number of electoral votes to win. Find out how many with this FAQ.

How many total electoral votes are there?
Find out how many electoral votes there are along with how many are required to win.

Illustrated Guide to Congress Assignment
This project oriented assignment is a great way to teach students about the US Congress.

Commonly Requested Federal Services
Links to federal services including Education which highlights student aid, fellowships and grants.

Election Watch
Explore democracy, voting, and political history within the context of the 2000 U.S. presidential election.

Find anything you want to know about government here! Everything from the National Archives to Op-Ed pages.

Govt. Printing Office Gate
Search here for any government document.

International Affairs Resources
WWW Virtual Library: International Affairs Resources provides over 2000 resources in 37 categories! This site has received many awards for its content.

US Congress on the Internet
Don't miss this. Current floor activities, pending bills, committee information, links to the Congressional Record, legislative process, historical documents and the constitution.

US House of Representatives
Current floor activities, links to house office Web sites, roll call votes, house operations, schedule and more.

White House Online
Have your students explore the White House and even write the president a letter! Very interactive and history oriented.

If the state's winner chooses electors, won't the person with the most votes?
Learn about winner take all system that most states use to determine the electoral college.

What procedure is followed for the electors to vote?
Learn about the procedure electors follow when they vote for president.

Why don't the candidates get a proportion of the electoral vote?
Read this FAQ to find out why presidential candidates don't get electoral votes throug a proportional system.

When do we finally have an official winner?
Read this FAQ to find out when the winner of a presidential election is officially determined.

Has someone received a plurality of the vote yet lost in the electoral college?
Read this FAQ to find out if a person has lost the electoral vote despite receiving a plurality of the vote.

Why have elections when the state's winner will receive all the electoral votes?
Read this FAQ to find learn more about why we have elections despite the winner receiving all the electoral votes.

Who are the presidential electors?
Learn about the presidential electors with this FAQ.

Why did the Founding Fathers create electors?
Read this FAQ to learn why the founding fathers created presidential electors.

What about Washington D.C. and the electoral vote?
Read about this FAQ to learn about how many electors Washington D.C. has.

Which states have the most electoral votes?
Find out which states have the most electoral votes in the United States electoral system.

Has a tie ever occurred in the electoral college? When?
Read this FAQ to determine if a tie has ever occurred in the electoral college?

How many electors does each state have?
Read this FAQ to find out how many electors each state has.

What is the electoral college?
Read this FAQ to learn about the electoral college.

What happens if there is a tie in the electoral college?
Read this FAQ to learn what happens if there is a tie in the electoral college.

William Marcy ("Boss") Tweed - Corrupt NYC Political Boss
Read this biographical framework about Boss Tweed.

Hold a Mock Presidential Campaign and Election
This step-by-step lesson plan can help you design a mock presidential campaign and election for your class.

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