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Student Portfolio Items

Examples and Suggested Items to Include in Student Portfolios


Student Portfolio Items

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Student portfolios are something that many teachers are either required to use or are wishing to try on their own. There are many possible ways to use student portfolios and one of the first questions you must answer is what purpose they will serve in your classroom. Getting started with student portfolios can help you as you work through creating your first student portfolio assignment. Following is a list of suggested and possible items that can be included in a student portfolios.
  • Letter to the reader discussing portfolio items
  • Reading log
  • Quotations the student especially likes
  • Graphic illustration of information - charts, concept diagrams, webs, timelines, photographs
  • Recording or video tapes of readings or performances
  • Sample Paragraphs showing various mastery of specific writing techniques
  • Sample Essays of various types - descriptive, narrative, explanatory, expository, persuasive, cause & effect, compare & contrast, defining terms, etc.
  • Writing from other classes - reports, speech outlines, essays, projects, etc.
  • Research related writing - description of procedures, instruments (ie. surveys), results and products
  • Explanation of literary terms using examples from reading
  • Creative writing - stories, poems, songs, scripts
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