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Rubrics - Writing and Grading Rubrics

Rubrics are excellent grading tools. Rubrics can help cut down on grading time while ensuring more objective grading practices. Learn more about the creation and use of rubrics.

Make Your Life Easier with Rubrics
Use rubrics to make grading complicated assignments easy. Here you will find reasons, step-by-step instructions and great examples of rubrics.

How to Create Rubrics
This article provides an overview for creating an easy to create and use rubric.

Biography Framework Rubrics
The Biography Framework rubric is an excellent way to grade biographies created with the biography framework.

Body Paragraph of an Essay
Rubrics are excellent ways to fairly grade essays. The Body Paragraph of an Essay rubric allows you to evaluate a paragraph within an essay.

Compare/Contrast Essay
Make grading the popular compare/contrast essay easy by using the compare/contrast essay rubric provided here.

Debate Rubric
Debates are awesome tools to teach students to think critically while practicing their speaking skills. Use the debate rubric to assess your debates.

Evaluating Supporting Details in Writing
Use this worksheet and rubric to help assess the supporting details in writing.

Expository Essay Rubric
Use this rubric to specifically grade expository essays.

Florida Writes - Expository and Persuasive Essays
Use this well organized rubric to grade expository and persuasive essays according to the State of Florida's Florida Writes rubric.

Holistic Critical Thinking Scoring Rubric
Use this rubic to help assess critical thinking performance.

Persuasive Essay Rubric
Another great option to help you grade persuasive essays.

Stand Alone Paragraph
Make grading paragraphs easier with this rubric.

Writing and Evaluating Prompts
This rubric helps when writing and evaluating prompts.

Learn about the definition of rubrics.

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