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School Violence

Causes, effects, and ideas to combat school violence.

10 Ways Teachers Can Help Prevent School Violence
School violence is a concern for many new and veteran teachers. One factor that was revealed in the Columbine massacre along with other events of school violence is that in most instances other students knew something about the plans. We as teachers need to try and tap into this and other resources at our disposal to try and prevent acts of violence within our schools.

School Violence
How prevalent is violence in schools? Find out the latest school violence statistics along with what you can do to combat it.

12 Things Teachers Can Do to Stop School Violence
List of ideas that teachers can implement in today's classroom to combat school violence. Also lists ideas for parents, students, law enforcement, and administration to fight school violence. Note: This is a .pdf file and requires Adobe Acrobat to read.

School Uniforms Pros and Cons
Can having students wear uniforms decrease school violence? Many school districts are turning to uniforms, however the statistics proving a connection btween uniforms and school violence are not yet conclusive.

Bullying - Both Sides of the Fence
With school violence in the news everyday, bullies are getting a lot of attention. This article by parenting expert, Elizabeth Pantley, deals with children who are being bullied as well as children that are bullies. It is from FamilyCorner.com Magazine.

Early Warning, Timely Prevention of School Violence
Downloadable article from the Department of Education. This guide helps educators identify early signs of troubling and potentially dangerous student behavior that could lead to school violence.

National School Safety and Security Services
If you need extra help, this professional organization offers workshops and more to make your school a safer place and to help combat against school violence.

Student Pledge Against Gun Violence
Don't miss this site that gives great resources to schools who wish their students to take a pledge against gun violence.

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