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Top 10 Top Astronomy Resources for Science Educators


Astronomy fascinates students of all ages. Check out these top astronomy resources for science educators to enliven your classroom and excite your students.

1. Standard Deviants: Astronomy Parts 1 & 2

If you've never seen a Standard Deviants video, you're in for a treat. Using humor, mnemonics, and sophisticated computer graphics, they really connect with students in helping them understand complex subjects.

2. The Glow in the Dark Night Sky Book

Create 24 constellations in your room with these glow in the dark decals. The stars can be used as great rewards too!

3. 50 Best Sights in Astronomy and How to See Them

Help students get excited about Astronomy by not only pointing out the best sights but also by helping them learn how to actually observe these sights.

4. Orion Nebula Poster

Check out this awe-inspiring poster for use in your classroom or your home. The views of the Orion nebula seem unreal in its beauty.

5. Night Sky Monopoly

Bring the wonders of the universe to your students. Play in teams or small groups and help the students learn as they enjoy this traditional board game.

6. Telescopes

I've included telescopes because while you might not be actually using them in the classroom, you will probably be asked by those students who find they love astronomy about the purchase of these awesome tools. I find that I use my telescope all the time.

7. Beginners Guide to Astronomical Telescope Making

Students can work together to make their own telescope just like Galileo did back in 1690. Excellent teaching tool on many levels.

8. Universe and the Solar System: A New Look

Take students on a 20-minute video journey around the solar system and the universe.

9. The Solar System

Pick up one of these excellent posters to help students visually see and compare the different planets of our solar system.

10. Smithsonian Astro Lab Projecting Planetarium

Project the stars on the ceiling, create a lit up 3-D version of the solar system, or just put up a model of the earth and the moon. This triple-function resource from the Smithsonian could enhance any astronomy lesson.
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