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Sex Education

The debate over sex education in schools has raged since the 1960's when the government first provided funding to create a sex education teacher manual. Today the debate still goes on over sex education as those espousing abstinence first programs go head to head with those who believe that teaching abstinence does not work in today's world.

Future of Sex Education
The Future of Sex Education Project (FoSE) began in July 2007 when staff from Advocates for Youth, Answer and SIECUS first met to discuss the future of sex education in the United States. The goal was to start a national dialogue of what sex education should look like in America. This website is a combined effort to help answer this question.

Sex Education that Works
This site espouses the view that rather than scare kids away from sex or provide sex education based on abstinence, students should be well informed about sexuality and sex.

Choosing the Best: Abstinence-Only Sex Education Program Research
Choosing the Best is a curriculum designed to teach abstinence-only sex education. This page is the research results concerning the effectiveness of this program.

PBS Feature About Abstinence-Only Sex Education
Read the text of this PBS feature concerning different views on abstinence-only sex education and its effectiveness.

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