1. Education

Smaller Schools: A Necessity

Learn why smaller schools are important and effective.

Smaller Schools: A Safer Alternative
Experts agree that smaller schools are safer. Read the findings and more here.

The Academic Effectiveness of Small-Scale Schooling
An abstract of a digest by Craig Howley dispels the myth that schools must be large to provide adequate curricular offerings.A minimum of 400 students is suggested.

Downsizing Schools in Big Cities
A digest by Mary Anne Rawid reviewing "current movement to downsize urban schools to help educators decide whether and why to pursue such a move, and to indicate which models appear most promising."

High School Size: Which Works Best, and for Whom? Draft
An abstract #ED396888 of a paper by Valerie E. Lee examining how students' reading and mathematics achievement gains over the high school years are influenced by the size of the high school they attend

School Size, School Climate, and Student Performance
Don't miss this in depth discussion of research explaining the advantages of small schools.

Smaller schools more effective, but more costly
. Duval County School board plans large schools despite research findings and consultants' advice.

SubSchool Structures
An article comparing and contrasting several models of small school structures. Includes hot linked citations.

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