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Social Studies

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  1. African American History (20)
  2. American History (64)
  3. Geography (8)
  4. Psychology (3)
  5. Economics (4)
  6. Sociology (3)
  7. Editorial Cartoons (13)
  8. World History (50)
  9. Political Science (33)
  10. Womens History (9)

Readers Suggest: Concerns of Social Studies Teachers
What are your top concerns as a social studies teacher? Do you have any concerns not listed in the top 10 concerns of social studies teachers? Share your thoughts here.

Top 10 Concerns of Social Studies Teachers
While all curriculum areas share some of the same issues and concerns, individual curriculum areas seem to also have concerns specific to them and their courses. This list looks at the top ten concerns for social studies teachers.

Skills Students Need to Succeed in Social Studies Classes
These seven key skills can help students be successful in social studies classes.

Social Studies Curriculum Plan of Study
Here is a sample high school Social Studies plan of study. This plan of study shows a progression of courses through the standard four years of high school.

All About the Electoral College
Want to help your students learn all about the electoral college? This comprehensive FAQ section will answer their and your questions about this sometimes confusing part of the presidential election process.

SCORE History-Social Science
Don't miss this resource for information and lesson plans by grade level for many areas of Social studies.

Homework Help From National Geographic
Excellent resources for teachers and students about animals, history, culture, maps, geography, places and so much more.

John Locke - English Philosopher/Politician
Learn about John Locke with the biographical sketch.

Saddam Hussein - Dictator of Iraq
Read this biographical sketch about Saddam Hussein, the dictator of Iraq.

Plato - Greek Philosopher
Learn about the life of Plato with this biographical sketch.

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