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Resources for Special Education educators.
  1. ADD / ADHD Resources (3)
  2. Special Education Glossary (5)
  3. Autism (3)
  4. Down Syndrome (3)
  5. Behavioral Disorders (5)
  6. Mainstreaming (8)
  7. Dyslexia (3)
  8. Gifted Education (12)
  9. Hearing Impaired (5)
  10. IEPs (5)
  11. Speech Impaired (5)
  12. Mental Retardation (4)
  13. Visually Impaired (8)

Ways to Integrate Co-Teachers in the Classroom
Here are a number of effective ways that co-teachers can work together in a classroom.

Special Education Acronyms
This acronym list for Special Education helps teachers understand the special education acronyms that are often used in schools.

Special Education from About

Special Education News
Updated daily. Find out the latest in special ed news pre-K through 12th grade.

Special Olympics
The official site for the Special Olympics. Find out the latest news and information.

Special Education Expert
Learn about how teachers today need to fully understand the needs of mainstreamed Special Education students placed in their class.

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