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Top 10 Graduation Gifts


Graduation is such an important step in a young person's life. Here are 10 graduation gifts that graduates will truly appreciate.

1. Money!!!

Of course, the top gift that all graduates love is money. As long as you don't care how it gets spent, this is an excellent choice as an all around graduation gift.

2. Oh the Places You'll Go

Help your graduate "soar to high heights" with the always relevant rhymes of Dr. Seuss. This book, while written for children, is relevant for adults too.

3. iPod

The iPod is the ultimate graduation gift. It is so convenient and provides hours and hours of entertainment.

4. iPad

A portable device such as an iPad  a wonderful gift for graduates. It is a great way to store images, movies, music, and data for the student going off to college. The iPad has many of these features and more.

5. Laptop Computer

If you are willing to spend a lot on the graduate, a laptop computer is an excellent choice. The Dell Inspiron 700M Notebook only ways a little more than 4 pounds, has a 12.1" screen, 512 MB of RAM, and 40 GB of memory. A graduate would truly appreciate this as a graduation gift.

6. Commemorative Coins

Commemorative coins including proof sets from the graduation year and Silver Eagles are good choices for students. They can always remember the year they graduated with an item that could appreciate in value.

7. Hope Chest

Okay - so it's only for girls. However, even though it's somewhat old fashioned, girls still enjoy getting hope chests. What better time to give them one than as a graduation gift? This choice is a beautiful cherry/cedar choice.

8. Digital Camera

A gift that many graduates would love would be the digital camera. Give it to them before the big day, and they will have something to not only show off but also capture the moment. The Canon PowerShot is an excellent and luckily relatively inexpensive digital camera.

9. College Spirit Gift

If your student is going to go off to college, they will definitely enjoy a 'college spirit' graduation gift related to their college of choice. Here are some wall clocks for many different colleges across the nation.

10. High Quality Ink Pen

A traditional gift to set the tone for the future graduate. There is something about writing that evokes the image of success.

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