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Five Themes of Geography



The five themes of geography are as follows:

  1. Location: Where are things located? A location can be absolute (for example, latitude and longitude or a street address) or relative (for example, explained by identifying landmarks, direction, or distance between places).

  2. Place: Characteristics that define a place and explains what makes it different from other places. These differences can take many forms including physical or cultural differences.

  3. Human Environment Interaction: This theme explains how humans and the environment interact with each other. Humans adapt and change the environment while depending upon it.

  4. Region: Geographers divide the earth into regions making it easier to study. Regions are defined in many ways including area, vegetation, political divisions, etc.

  5. Movement: People, items, and ideas (mass communication) move and help shape the world.

    After teaching these concepts to students, continue with the Five Themes of Geography assignment.

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